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80's Spectrum

by RC Blog • March 10, 2018

This season, we’re dialing back three decades when excessive styling and brash colors were all the rage.

As reported in Fashion Snoops, “Gradient dyes which were so prominent in the 80s enhances the retro future aesthetic seen in Flash. There is a luminosity which adds vigor and excitement to an ombre dye, which is dramatized with dimensional geometric shapings and pixel placements.”

uzicopter.tumblr.com & romaintrystram.myportfolio.com

Unconventional Color Palette

Risk in terms of adopting new colors is also another approach that brands love to do this season. Swiping an entire palette clean for a new one is not completely necessary, but only infusing a couple unexpected colors. Take sports news magazine Bleacher Report as a great example. Why do brands do this, you ask? Simply to grab your attention and break away from the traditional!

Bleacher Report: Venngage


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