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Blog    What Type of Video Is Right for Your Business?

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What Type of Video Is Right for Your Business?

by Khristal Asoque • February 1, 2023

Did you know that internet video was forecasted to consist 82% of all internet traffic in 2022? If you’re wondering if video truly is effective for the audience, then the answer is yes. Video content can significantly help your brand in a captivating and informative way. 

The goal of any business is to attract customers while educating them about their product or service. Moreover, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, which increased over the years. As opposed to plain text, videos have emerged as a preferred format by customers to learn something or use it for their decision-making processes.   

A marketing video for business provides countless benefits: 

  • Google loves video content. Consumers love watching video content, and even Google acknowledges this fact. A website with a well-optimized video is 53 times more likely to get featured on Google’s search results.  

  • Grabs attention. Our eyes are attracted to movement; this makes sense by how each video movement hooks the audience instantly. Colorful, attention-grabbing videos capture the eyes of the viewers compared to basic text posts.  

  • Conveys information effectively. Complex ideas can easily be turned into digestible ideas through the form of videos. Also, viewers retain the video message 95% in contrast with 10% by text.  

  • Drives traffic to websites. The presence of video marketing adds SEO value to the website and thus increases the chance of ranking better on the search results page. Furthermore, it provides better visibility for visitors to find the site while increasing website traffic.  

  • Engage viewers. People love storytelling, more so if it triggers certain emotions. Videos with well-combined text, images, and movement elements can invoke an emotion that influences a decision-making process. 

  • An easy update for all kinds of audiences. Videos for marketing are easily customizable and do not require a lot of time for production. A perfect example is animated videos, if there are updates in the products, video editors can just tweak them using video editing software. 

Here are some statistics you may want to check out on a video’s marketing effectiveness: 

10 Types of Videos You Can use for Your Business 

Promotional Videos 

Promo videos are marketing videos to promote a service, product, or any marketing initiative. You can think of it as some sort of teaser video on what you’re offering. Usually, it ends with a call to action to buy a product, avail of a service, or attend an event.

 Promotional Videos  

Promo videos are great for engagement with the goal of generating their interest and selling something to your customers.  Source: No Drama. | MySwitzerland

Explainer Videos 

This influences a viewer’s purchase decision by presenting your brand and product in an information-packed, easy-to-understand way. It is a quick but informative way to introduce your product to your audience by letting them know how your product or service works. Moreover, an explainer video provides an engaging way to introduce your business to prospective customers. 


 Explainer videos 

Explainer videos with jam-packed information can educate and influence buyers in their purchasing decisions.  Source: Meet Google Home | Google Nest 



Testimonial Videos 

This pertains to the recorded customer success stories on their pleasant or even life-changing how you helped their business or lives. Make it more authentic by including the faces of your clients, to give it more of a personal and authentic touch. Moreover, it strengthens trust and builds customer relationships. 



Testimonial videos help with building the credibility and trust of your business.  Source: Client Testimonials | RipeConcepts Inc.


Animation Videos 

Animated videos are videos that make use of moving illustrations, texts, and other elements to send a message to the audience. It is an engaging, trendy, and fun way to integrate into your marketing strategies. Furthermore, animation caters to all age groups with its different kinds from traditional cell-drawn characters to three-dimensional avatars.

 Animation Videos 

Animated videos when use at business are excellent at combining emotion with storytelling.  Source: Diamond in the Rough | RipeConcepts Inc. 


Company Culture Videos 

It is vital to showcase who you are as a company and the culture around it. This marketing video for businesses can attract both prospective clients and top talent. Moreover, this includes showing how your employees work and their success stories while working for your company. 

 Company culture videos 

This video marketing type allows to highlight the company, people, and a top tool for recruitment and marketing.  Source: We Are World-Class Digital Chameleons | RipeConcepts Inc.


Demo Video 

A demo video is a product or service demonstration to educate your viewers. The importance of instructional videos is for the viewers to visualize your offers before purchasing. Besides that, you can also share some benefits your customers can get if they avail of your service or make a purchase.


 Demo Video 

A demo video presents the product feature and how it works while including its benefits when purchased.  Source: Nespresso CITIZ&MILK machine 

Livestream Video 

People nowadays prefer to watch a live video from a brand than to read a blog. What’s even better is that many social media platforms like Facebook offer free live-streaming services for businesses to use. It is all in the setup since this video type does not require a post-production process. Also, your followers receive a notification alert that you’re live on stream, which is a plus to inviting viewers.  

 Livestream video 

A livestream video humanizes the brand while getting a real-time engagement with the audience.  Source: Gwen Stefani - Make Me Like You 


Video Podcasts 

A video podcast is an audio podcast with a video element. It usually consists of a host, a co-host, and a theme. Moreover, it has many forms, like a static image with the podcast audio in the background, or a video recording of the hosts and/or guests. 


  Podcast video example

Video podcasts can let your viewers feel like they are part of the conversation.  Source: Sephora: #LIPSTORIES


Webinar Videos 

Also known as an online seminar, this is an effective example of an online event video that educates the audience. These range from slide presentations to including video presentations. 


 Webinar videos 

Webinar videos can help increase your available content online, and a great space for clients or customers to raise their inquiries regarding your product or service.  Source: Webinars by Trello 


Event Recap Videos 

Company event videos act as a memento made for those who were not able to attend. Aside from that, this video type can show off your company milestone or bring awareness to your most important initiatives. It relates to the company culture video and is a great way to excite the audience about upcoming events. 


 Event recap videos 

A brief summary of activities is great content to have under event recap videos. It’s great to relive the best parts of the event that employees or attendees can look back on.  Source: Ripe Beat (Summer Outing 2017) | RipeConcepts Inc.

Any marketing video for business bears fruit with its eye-catching visual elements in informative yet engaging factors. As such, a marketing video for business is essential in bringing your brand to the next level. Thus, the results aid in increasing both existing and prospective clients and boost company morale. 


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