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3Q Digital
Staff Augmentation

3Q Digital, now under DEPT®, is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses with branding and design, product development, services, and e-commerce experiences.

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Business at 3Q Digital was booming. Their cup overflowed, but so did the workload. Faced with tight deadlines and maintaining high standards, the team needed to expand their resources with compatible professionals who could seamlessly complement their busy in-house staff.


RipeConcepts assembled a team of pre-vetted specialists whose capabilities matched those that 3Q Digital specified. Working closely with the client, the team held weekly standup meetings to ensure all parties had a shared understanding of the goals. The RipeConcepts team completed several difficult tasks set by 3Q Digital’s most demanding clients.

The Results

After getting Dedicated Staffing, annual turnover improved by 5.6x. The client saved an average of $90K per FTE, with total savings over the past five years projected at an average of 74%. Their key staff were not only happier and more productive, but CX also improved dramatically, leading to two very successful exits. The client also managed an incubator where they chose to retain 70% of their smaller clients, many of whom now earn $400K-1M annually. 

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Project Process Image

No Extra Charge

On top of Dedicated Staffing, RipeConcepts provided the following, free of charge: 

  • Local Client-facing Account Executive 
  • US Client-facing Account Executive 
  • Local Service Delivery Expert providing weekly/utility rate


Site Visits

RipeConcepts also hosted the client’s annual visits to the Philippine studio, where they and their offshore team could connect, train, and strategize over an extended period of time.

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Client's Testimonial

“We have been partnering really well with our Cebu team. As we get into the end of the year, we'll work closely on planning for 2021.”

Adrianne Abrams, 3Q Digital

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