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Brand Guide + Character Development + Children’s Book - Layout and Illustrations + Packaging Design + Web Design and Development

Established by parents who are passionate about oral health, Brushalot is a company that fosters positive brushing habits in children through play and learning. Using innovative and engaging products, they endeavor to lay the foundations of a lifelong healthy habit.

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Brushalot had written a story and needed book illustrations and character designs to go with it. They also wanted to update their logo, complete with a brand guide. In addition, they needed web development, social media management, toy and packaging design.


Client enlisted RipeConcepts to deliver these requirements. Several of our resources were involved so that high-quality output was delivered on time.

Sketches and Layout

The team got to work plotting the scenes on each page to support the story, beginning with rough sketches. The intention was to create dream-like digital paintings with soft lines, textures and colors, aiming to transport readers to a whimsical world.

Project Process Image
Project Process Image

Character Development

We focused on designing characters that appealed to children and complemented the fantasy setting. We used bright colors and expressive facial features to make the characters look friendly and fun.

Logo and Brand Guide

The logo design process underwent multiple refinements before the client and our team agreed on a final iteration. The selected logo’s components, including the subtle sparkles, the color scheme, and the purposefully designed violet element resembling a dollop of toothpaste, all contribute to a unified aesthetic that evokes a sense of cleanliness. We also provided a brand guide to ensure consistency across different types of media.

Project Process Image
Project Process Image

Packaging Design

The Tooth Fairy Kit design balanced the fantasy theme with the oral hygiene message. This was to make it appealing and fun for children while reminding them of the importance of taking care of their teeth.


The explainer video received positive feedback, and the product itself was well received by consumers. The Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit went on to win awards as an educational toy.


To help improve accessibility of oral care for children in need, Brushalot kits were donated to organizations such as Operation Smile. 

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Client's Testimonial

"Your team is an amazing partner to us and continue to exceed our expectations!"

Laura Gray, Brushalot

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