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Dr. Seuss
Bead Maze Product Concepts

Dr. Seuss Enterprises is a children’s entertainment company that promotes literacy and education through the timeless stories of Dr. Seuss. Operating from San Diego, the company engages in publishing, film and TV, theatrical works, exhibitions, digital media, licensing, and other collaborations.

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The client was exploring opportunities with various licensees including wooden toy company Melissa & Doug. They particularly wanted to design a toy bead maze that reflected the imaginative world and characters of Dr. Seuss.


RipeConcepts came up with several studies, all inspired by Seussian lore, before arriving at a final approved design that captured the charm of Dr. Seuss’s stories.


Various aspects of the distinctive art style of Dr. Seuss were analyzed, and the team explored how to best incorporate them into the product design. 

Project Process Image
Project Process Image


Every stage, even the initial drafting, was executed with great attention to detail. With minor notes on the design, the revision stage was relatively smooth and quick. The team based the final output on the Dr. Seuss story, “One Fish Two Fish”.  


The product design captured the whimsical and playful spirit of the Dr. Seuss books. The play of characters, shapes, and colors created a unique and appealing look. This became one of many projects that the client took on with RipeConcepts. 

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Client's Testimonial

“These look great! Please send my kudos to the team.”

Tassia Bezdeka, Sr. Marketing Studio Manager, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. on You’re Only Old Once Ink Art

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