Case Study    Paul Frank
Paul Frank
Bunny Girl

Lifestyle products company Paul Frank was born out of a demand for unique designs in 1995. Since then, their playful creations and cute characters such as Julius the Monkey have become pop culture icons, appearing on apparel, accessories, and more.

Client Project Image


Bunny Girl is a character from Paul Frank’s Planned Pines world. The client wanted to update this character while keeping the values and aesthetic of the brand.


An exploration of new styles in 2D and 3D styles for Bunny Girl for implementation on a new collection of merchandise.

Style Reference

The style of virtual musician Apoki particularly influenced this project and served as a reference. 

Project Process Image
Project Process Image

Sketch and First Draft Submission

Following the initial sketches that outlined the ideas, the first draft was then executed with great attention to detail even though it was not the final version.


The team was able to address minor notes on the design, making the revision stage relatively smooth and quick.

Digital Illustration

RipeConcepts conducted research into the visual style and character elements of Bunny Girl and the client’s desired style. We developed initial concepts based on these insights, beginning with sketches which we then proceeded to flesh out through digital painting. 

Project Process Image
Project Process Image

3D Modeling

The digital paintings were passed on to the RipeConcepts 3D team to render Bunny Girl in 3D in different positions and outfits. 


Fresh, dynamic, and true to the Paul Frank brand—the end results were successfully integrated into the client’s marketing. The client was happy with the refreshed Bunny Girl character and appreciated RipeConcepts’ attention to detail. 

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Client's Testimonial

"Thank you so much! Great work team!"

Leslie Ajes, Senior Creative, Futurity Brands AG (Paul Frank)

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