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Polyconcept North America
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Polyconcept is the largest distributor of customized and personalized goods and apparel in the world. Selling in more than 100 countries with a network of 50,000 customers, the company offers the biggest and most diverse collection of gift options that meet the needs of millions of end users.

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The client presented a unique challenge: a reference video featuring 3D characters and a script, but with complete creative freedom for our team to interpret. While the 3D reference was visually appealing, the client acknowledged the potential cost implications of producing a similar animation.


To deliver a high-quality video within a set budget, RipeConcepts proposed a creative blend of 2D and 3D elements that reduces production costs while still being visually appealing.

Script to Storyboarding

The client provided a script that outlined the key messaging points for the video. Our team handled all aspects of production, from conceptualization and storyboarding to voiceover, asset production, and animation. We proposed the use of mixed media combining illustrated backgrounds with 3D-modeled characters and foreground elements to create a unique and visually engaging video that effectively communicated the key messages. 

Project Process Image
Project Process Image

Creation of Assets

Two teams got to work on the 2D background and 3D elements. Extra care was taken to complement the characters’ inherent cuteness with fluid and expressive movements.


The client was immediately impressed with the concept. The final video successfully captured the tone of the script, meeting creative and budgetary needs and clearly communicating the intended message. 

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Client's Testimonial

“The video is looking phenomenal and we are so happy with how it’s turning out.”

Kara Reilly, Sales Enablement Manager, PCNA

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