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Blog    15 Ripe Years of Digital Excellence


15 Ripe Years of Digital Excellence

by Regina Manulid • February 19, 2024

It was not too long ago when the Internet was seen as a new and uncertain phenomenon. Amid the doubt, our founder Paul Lyon took a bold risk and started RipeConcepts with four designers and zero customers in 2009. Fast-forward to the present: RipeConcepts is a creative powerhouse with 650+ digital geeks celebrating the company’s 15th anniversary. 

Held on the 14th of February 2024, a simple gathering at the Cebu hive highlighted courage and creativity, with heartwarming messages from the leaders of RipeConcepts. 

We were honored by the presence of fellow Nagarrians Vaibhav and Shruti, who flew in from the mothership to experience our culture firsthand. Members of our talented RipeCrew quickly executed special new murals to mark the occasion, adding even more color to an already vibrant facility. Visitors also enjoyed browsing and buying art and crafts from the participants of Craftopia, our yearly makers’ market.

Kinse Art Exhibit 

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the event was the unveiling of a new exhibit that showcased the work of our very own artists. They had the opportunity to explore different forms of expression from their usual assignments at work. 3D artists flexed their versatility and submitted traditional paintings. Digital artists experimented with mixed media. The exhibit featured a variety of styles and themes, from realistic portraits to abstract landscapes, revealing the rich diversity of talent at RipeConcepts.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude, and on our 15th year, here are 15 things that we’re particularly thankful for.

  1. Our incredibly talented RipeCrew 
  2. Paul, our visionary founder who dared to build something special 
  3. Mother Miles, our nurturing leader who runs a tight ship
  4. Awesome customers and partners who have supported RipeConcepts through the years 
  5. Challenges that have made us stronger and more resilient 
  6. The opportunities to evolve as individuals and as a company 
  7. Our state-of-the-art facility that fosters creativity 
  8. The chance to shape the digital landscape 
  9. The eureka moments and the joy of solving problems together 
  10. Camaraderie that makes work more enjoyable 
  11. Pizza! And other office snacks 
  12. Being near mountains and tropical beaches where we draw inspiration 
  13. This milestone and the chance to reflect on our past and the future 
  14. The fact that our anniversary falls on Valentine’s Day 💗 
  15. Our mothership, Nagarro

RipeConcepts’ digital excellence and growth have shown that our vision resonates with clients and partners. We are grateful for everyone’s trust and support, and we are excited to continue bridging the gap between creativity and technology, creating solutions for any business challenge. Happy Kinse! 


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