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Blog    Celebrating Filipino Creativity at RipeConcepts


Celebrating Filipino Creativity at RipeConcepts

by Regina Manulid • December 22, 2023

The RipeConcepts Christmas party is still the talk of the Cebu hive, days after the festive fun at the Oakridge Pavilion. This year’s theme, “Haraya” (the old Filipino word for imagination), sparked some truly creative outfit choices. Forget your lola’s camisa and baro’t saya – attendees arrived in ethnic prints paired with black leather, cool and casual barong ensembles, and other traditional Filipino costumes reimagined as avant-garde fashion statements. It was a night to celebrate Filipino heritage with a modern twist.

The merriment wasn’t just visual. Teams battled it out in a friendly caroling competition, filling the air with joyful renditions of Christmas classics and Filipino carols. Karaoke champions belted out pop tunes and original numbers, while dancefloor divas unleashed their moves to holiday beats. The tech team even incorporated an augmented reality backdrop into their presentation.  There was plenty of laughter and good vibes to go around.

CEO Paul Lyon took a moment to express his appreciation for everyone’s hard work and dedication throughout the year. His speech was a heartwarming reminder of what makes RipeConcepts special: the people who bring their unique talents and ideas to the table, and the magic that happens when they collaborate and support each other. Of course, being part of digital engineering giant Nagarro adds to that magic as well.

Scroll down for some pictures and footage from the event:


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The echoes of carols and laughter may have now faded, but the spark of imagination ignited that night will continue to inspire and guide the Ripe crew as they move forward into 2024 and beyond!

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