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Blog    The Future of Digital Marketing is Here: A Look at RipeAcademy

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The Future of Digital Marketing is Here: A Look at RipeAcademy

by Ripe Marketing • January 26, 2024

Brands and digital marketing companies face a lot of competition in the modern world, where information is abundant and noisy. To stand out, they need to be constantly aware of the latest developments. They also need to be open to fresh ideas from any source. At RipeConcepts, we are committed to fostering the next generation of digital marketing mavericks through RipeAcademy. Under this is the Digital Marketing Jumpstart Program (DMJP), which is an intensive course in digital marketing fundamentals that has equipped many individuals with the know-how to launch their careers in this dynamic field. 

Recently, we celebrated the graduation of our largest batch yet – 29 enthusiastic individuals eager to make their mark on the digital world. RipeConcepts’ Digital Marketing Head Jaive Roble, together with his team, spent weeks training and mentoring the students. Who better to share the insights and behind-the-scenes magic of RipeAcademy than the expert himself? In this interview, Jaive talks about his experience as a trainer, the challenges and successes of the program, and the future prospects of the graduates. Read on to learn more about this initiative that aims to empower young talents in the industry.

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  1. What is RipeAcademy all about? 

    Jaive: RipeAcademy is an avenue for non-digital marketing people to become practitioners. It’s a rapid approach to training people in the span of four weeks. We touch on important aspects in each digital marketing disciplines, quantify their understanding and them have them certified to start their digital marketing career.

  2. Why was there a need to put this up? 

    Jaive: With a growing demand for digital marketers globally, we thought of creating an endless supply by training those who have not only the interest but the willingness to endure very fast-paced, hard-core training in order to meet that demand.


  3. What sets the DMJP apart from similar programs?

    Jaive: It is not the typical training in a classroom setup. Students are already exposed to actual processes and are acquainted with how different brands work with us on achieving their goals and encouraging students to always think outside the box and utilize all that they learned from the academy to serve clients with everything that they got to provide solutions for the brand.


  4. What are some challenges and successes you encountered during the program?

    Jaive: Challenges were always about adjusting of work processes, as digital marketing is very new to them, we need to really need to step back and try hard to make them understand and success is when everything we have set for them to pass, certifications and exams are all good.


  5. What has been some of the feedback that you received from the graduates?

    Jaive: They are very happy about the program. In fact, one mentioned that he never imagined his purpose until now with this program in place.


  6. What’s next for the graduates?

    Jaive: They are set to join our Digital Marketing team as a nesting period. Then once all top 15 graduates are deployed to other teams, we will accommodate the second wave, comprising 14 more graduates to service our projects.


  7. Can you share a few inspirational stories of past participants who have achieved success through RipeAcademy?

    Jaive: One of our graduates went from being a humble fast-food crew to becoming a design associate and now a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist. He has been deeply passionate about his work and always makes sure the team delivers and are always proactive.


  8. How can people get involved in DMJP or other RipeAcademy programs? 

    Jaive: They have to approach HR for the next batch of DMJP. All they need aside from the recommendation is a hunger for knowledge and willingness to work.


  9. What advice would you give to aspiring digital marketing professionals looking to enhance their skills and careers? 

    Jaive: Always sharpen the saw, keep learning as technology and digital always evolve. 

RipeAcademy equips students with the theoretical understanding and hands-on experience that digital marketing companies value and seek. As these newest graduates join RipeConcepts’ own Digital Marketing team, they are poised to succeed and thrive in this dynamic field.

Of course, that is just one component of RipeConcepts’ full suite of creative tech solutions for clients all over the world. Different from other digital marketing companies, the Ripeconcepts Digital Marketing team works closely with other in-house teams. There are specialists in 3D modeling, web development, software development, illustration, animation, and more. 

RipeConcepts: Digital Marketing and More

By nurturing new minds alongside our experts, RipeConcepts cultivates a diverse pool of perspectives. This keep our strategies sharp and our solutions cutting-edge. Additionally, all the expertise that businesses seek is under one roof. As a result, clients rest assured knowing their projects are in capable hands, from concept to execution. That’s the RipeConcepts edge: a streamlined experience where creativity thrives and results exceed expectations.

RipeAcademy DMJP graduates are the future of digital marketing, and their future is now at RipeConcepts. Is your brand ready to harness that potential? Contact us for a free consultation and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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