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Blog    Summer Outing 2024: Beach Vibes & Battle of the Bands


Summer Outing 2024: Beach Vibes & Battle of the Bands

by RC Blog • June 18, 2024

RipeConcepts transformed a beach into music festival grounds for this year’s company summer outing. Aptly named RipeStyle Festival, the event was a resounding success filled with vibrant music, delicious food, and exciting activities. Held on May 24 under perfect sunny skies at Chateau by the Sea in Mactan, this event offered a chance to unwind, recharge, and celebrate our incredible team. 

In a departure from usual workplace roles, some of the RipeCrew flaunted their musical prowess on stage. Three bands battled for the top spot in a friendly competition. Representing a diverse range of departments, the bands brought their A-game, each with a distinct style. 1Case captivated the audience with a medley of pop and rock hits. Kayama took things local, setting the mood with a playlist of beloved Filipino rock favorites. No Name Band closed out the competition with a showcase of their vocal and instrumental skills.  

The festivities extended far beyond the stage. RipeStyle Festival was a full-day extravaganza, with refreshments flowing freely throughout the event. Drinks were poured, cotton candy was spun, and ice cream and Filipino snacks were served. Lunch and dinner were delightful feasts, ensuring everyone was well-fueled for the fun. 

The adventurous spirit of RipeConcepts was on full display as colleagues took to the water, enjoying thrilling banana boat rides and exhilarating jet ski adventures. And for those who craved an immersive experience on the dance floor, a vibrant foam party turned the celebration into a fizzy wonderland.  

By the end of the night, Kayama was named champion in the band contest. Prizes were also given to employees who showed off their dance moves and could jump the highest.  

Adding to the fun, the tech and marketing teams joined forces to create a special Instagram filter for the occasion. This vibrant filter allowed RipeConcepts to commemorate the day with a touch of personalized style, ensuring their memories of this summer party would live on in the digital world.   

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who contributed to making RipeStyle Festival such a memorable event. From the talented musicians who graced the stage to the tireless organizers behind the scenes, your efforts created a day filled with joy and connection. We can’t wait to see you all again at the next one and show the world how digital geeks like to party! 


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